Whoo-Hoo! Fishin’ with Zack

so tonight, after work, I got changed out of my work attire straightaway and rushed downtown to meet my friend, Zack. Zack took me to get a fancy new daily fishing license so I could legally fish in the river.


Zack’s a good fisherman (and friend!). he had extra poles so I could have more of a chance to catch something. we used bread pieces for attracting carp, but it was no use. I snagged a little Blue Gill, using a worm, but it was still too much of a baby to keep. Zack let me pull in a baby catfish, which he caught with a grub (wax worm, I think), but it was also a baby – about 5-inches long. and we also caught a Drum (?), which we gave to the homeless people who were fishing to eat nearby. we couldn’t get the hook out of its mouth and didn’t think it was worth trying, but they were willing to work with it.

as we were wrapping up for the evening, one of the poles attracted a sucker fish, which Zack reeled in. this isn’t something good to eat, I’m told, so it, too, went back into the Grand River. and about a half hour after I parted with Zack, he caught a nice-sized fish that he was able to keep and thought would be worth gutting. he sent me a text photo of it, but I have no idea what it is.

so I pretty much sucked at fishing all evening, but it was fun, and didn’t cost very much. thanks again, Zack!

we got to see a guy pull in a huge catfish down a ways from us. once he got it in, we went to go have a closer look. it was easily 18-24 inches long and its mouth could fit the guy’s fist inside! he and his friends were struggling to get the hook they used out of the side of its head. but they got it eventually, having to hold it down on the sidewalk underfoot while it flipped and flopped around in protest. pretty crazy! I’d never seen a catfish before today and they are super, super gross. the big guy was actually less nasty than the little one…


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