SHHH! It’s a Surprise!

my mom is rather close with her first cousins as much our our immediate family on her side lives far away from us (plus, the Thornton’s are really fun people!). this year, my mom’s cousin, Jim, turns 50. as a surprise, there’s a big party! we typically have a summer picnic/pool party at my parent’s house with this family, but this year, it will be dedicated specifically to him. I’m at home today, in for the occasion.

invitations went out in secret to more than just our family, but to also his wife’s family and his friends. a lot more people were there this year than normal and he was definitely surprised and happy :] the theme was Hawaiian and tie-dye, which are two of Jim’s favorite things.

Iron Man vs. Godzilla on this mint chocolate (top) and raspberry cheesecake (bottom) marshmallow fondant cake.

my dad, Budweiser Plantinum, and Heineken




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