Happy Belated Birthday

in late celebration of Rebecca’s birthday this year, we got together at the Detroit Zoo earlier today. it wasn’t too, too hot of an afternoon, so we didn’t sweat to death looking at all the animals. we made a pretty good tour of the place in a few hours and saw almost all of the animals they had available. we skipped over the farm animals because, honestly, who needs to see farm animals? drive out into the country for a while and you’ll see them. so we avoided that smell-disaster and only had to suffer through the stench of the penguin house.

last night, Cody and Rebecca came to the tail-end of Jim’s surprise party. surprisingly, there was enough food left for them to eat some dinner and then we jumped into playing a card game. this was the first time I’d seen Cards Against Humanity in person, though I have heard a lot about them. I thought my throat might have started bleeding last night – I was definitely coughing up a storm from all the uncontrollable laughing we were doing. it’s like Apples to Apples (I’m told, since I’ve also never played that before either), but much more inappropriate and horrible. I think I might have to order a set….

this is the only one that was appropriate enough to post….


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