Photography by Kyle Copeland

in my last year of art school, I lived in a run-down old apartment building in the Heritage Hill district of Grand Rapids, MI. it was a three-story home, divided into seven apartments – two on each floor, divided down the center, with a seventh unit off to the back side. I shared a floor with a classmate of mine, Tim, and his roommate, Kyle.

Kyle’s in the movie business, having gone to school at Compass College of Cinematic Arts. he’s a visionary, working his way up from the bottom with aspirations of directing and writing. knowing this kid and his stories, I’d see and/or read anything he decided to write. he’s into drawing/painting, snowboarding, longboarding/skateboarding, great movies, and a good drink.

and seeing his photography, I can definitely see how and why he’d make a great director someday. I wish I had high-resolution versions of these photos, but I don’t unfortunately. anyway, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites from his Instagram (you can visit his page here):

autumn sunset

The Art of Flight

Spy Cat

Meet Obi Wan

cashed out

cityscape (Grand Rapids, MI)

rise and shine

“I don’t always eat ice cream, but when I do, it’s smothered in berries and ‘merican as hell.”

and some of Kyle’s art too:

dream cabin (acrylic on canvas)

broken skateboard project


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