Dinner at My Favorite Place!

once again, I found myself at one of my favorite places for dinner – Rockwell. it was a pretty decent temperature, so I opted to wait for deck seating to be outside. August hasn’t been impressing me with its warmth so far… I waited at the bar and had a drink since there were, surprisingly, a few seats open.

I tried the their Johnny Old Fashion, which was pretty good. I like whiskey, but I typically prefer a Manhattan over an Old Fashion. well, this was no standard Old Fashion! it was made with Crown Royal Maple whiskey, muddled apple and cherry (chilled until almost frozen so not much ice was needed), angostura bitters, and a house-made cinnamon simple syrup.

once I got moved out onto the deck, I requested an order of hummus with pita bread as an appetizer. the bread comes from the bakery I love over in Heritage Hill – Nantucket Baking Co. so it didn’t disappoint. I then opted to try the Perch & Chips. this plate certainly satisfied my craving! they even had malt vinegar for me, which I proceeded to douse my meal with. YUM!


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