David M. Amberg House

I took an 11-mile bike ride yesterday evening, from my apartment, through heartside and Heritage Hill, and over to the nice area of the historic district. I have been talking recently about the Frank Lloyd Wright houses and touring the public one soon (the Meyer May House). turns our that the David M. Amberg House was recently purchased by a private buyer. it isn’t open for tours…. unless you happen to know that recent buyer! while standing with my bikes in the sidewalk, looking on in awe like a real tour, I was caught looking on and looking sweaty.

the tour I got taken on was so amazing. I am definitely jealous of these living arrangements! I can’t even begin to describe how detailed everything is. I saw so many photos of FLW houses in the Art History classes I had to take in art school, but none of those prepare you for the intricacy and beauty of the real thing. wish I’d asked to take photos inside, but I didn’t think it would be polite to do so – it is someone’s living space, after all. plus, they’ve only just moved in recently. so, this (above) will have to do. the design is actually tile lit by stained glass, which encases lights that provide light for the interior. genius and astounding!


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