August Birchbox Review

1. Juice Beauty – Oil-free moisturizer: this facial lotion was mediums-light on my face. not the lightest I’ve ever tried, but not heavy by any means. after applying, my face was super-smooth and matte-looking. it felt “oily” to the touch almost because it was so smooth, but my skin was not at all actually oily. it didn’t make me oily throughout the day either. I also didn’t breakout. I like this lotion, but it’s a little expensive for my price range at this time ($28 for a bottle).
2. Miss Jessie’s Original – Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment: these were two separate conditioning treatment samples for curly or very wavy hair. my hair doesn’t really fit this description, but with these types of products, it doesn’t usually matter. a one-time-use sample is no way to test the long-term effectiveness of a product that promises hair growth as the Sweetback treatment does. however, my hair was left soft and smooth.
3. ModelCo – Party Proof Lipstick: the color I received is called “Dusk Til Dawn” and it is a warm-based dark nude color (difficult to discern in my photo, I know). this was a very nice product. with short-term wear, I could skip lip liner and didn’t experience feathering or bleeding. with long-term wear and liner use, It also didn’t really transfer onto my coffee cup at work or napkins. it’s a pretty matte-looking lip stick. my lips weren’t moisturizer by it, of course, but it didn’t dry out he skin either, as a lot of other lip products can do. the only reason I’m not using it is because the color is too dark on me. I’m hoping that as Fall and Winter come around, a darker lip will become trendier.
4. Violet Oasis – 100% Argan Oil: this was just like every other Argan oil I’ve tried before (2 of which I believe we’re previous Birchbox samples). I cannot let the oil even look at the top of my head or the hair is greasy like I haven’t showered in ages. and I’m talking the smallest of drops here – it just ruins my clean hair. but it’s nice on the ends, where I have color and heat damage (and loads of split ends…. I’m scheduling a haircut soon, don’t worry). at almost $40 for a full-sized bottle, I know I’d never order this brand. but I also don’t foresee myself ordering any brand ever with all the samples I’ve received from various places in the past. I’ve got a stockpile with enough to last me the next year….

Beauty Extra: Birchbox – Bobby Pins: the sample set came with two cute bobby pins. the standard set is a set of six. but I’m not sure what I would do with six of the same bobby pin. these aren’t the best for holding hair in place. I tried to secure some hair back away from my face and it fell a few minutes later, which is not how my regular pins behave when used in the same manner. when I attempted to remove the Birchbox pin, it ripped out a bit of my hair. this is because the pins are wide and flat, with no waved portion, like a normal bobby pin. however, these are stylish. I would use them again along with other pins – secure hair with a normal pin and then place the stylish pin over it or near it for looks only.


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