The Downtown Market

the downtown market is open throughout the week, but it’s my habit to do market shopping on Saturdays. so, after my haircut (I’ll show you that later on), I headed to the new downtown market to check things out.

this time of year, there is an additional outside market with some vendors similar to the Fulton Street Farmers Market. in fact, some of the vendors represented the same farms and bakeries, but with different employees from the other market location. one of my favorites here were the good people of marshmallowogy. they make specialty gourmet marshmallows in a wide variety of flavors. and they give free samples! very yummy indeed. I tried the cinnamon ones and orange cream. since they’re a little pricey (between $5-8 a bag), I opted to only purchase the cinnamon ones this time. but I bet I’ll be back.

indoors, the vendors are more permanent. these vendors have built counters and storage custom. there was a cute little bakery, a Mexican stand, a Spice Merchants area, a butcher, a fish market (über stinky), some (over-priced) produce, an ice creamery, a place for appetizers, and many more. some have bars and seating for dining in. and there’s additional general seating along the sides of the interior of the market as well as upstairs. the upper floor of the market is home to several demonstration kitchen and a size able greenhouse. with a little online research, I learned that those kitchens are sometimes used for various classes that community members can sign up for. it seems really cool! they are based on various topics and of course range greatly in price. you can check out the schedule and prices here.

the marketplace was extremely busy and crowded. your best bet would probably be to go right at 9am when they first open to beat the rush. and I’m going to guess that as soon as Artprize begins (soon, too soon), it’s only going to get worse. but time will tell.


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