Dinner with Ginny & Kevin

I went downtown yesterday (yes, despite ArtPrize) to meet up with my friends, Ginny and Kevin, at Grand Rapids Brewing Company. we had dinner and drinks as a sort of mini-celebration for them leaving their old apartment for a new one (they were quite glad to move on!). after closing down the back room of the restaraunt while chatting and kind of watching the Red Wings, we moved on to Leo’s for dessert. Ginny used to work there a while back, before moving to Texas. I was surprised to learn that she never dined in during her three-month stint there! so we tried out three different desserts to cap off our evening.

Ginny tried a peach and raspberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. she liked it, but said the raspberries were a bit overpowering for her taste.

candy bar cake – it was cool-looking, but disappointing and tasteless overall :/

I tried the caramel pot de creme – though it was compared to a creme brulee, I found it less rich (but still pretty rich) and fluffier, but tasty!




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