POPSUGAR Must Have October 2013 Highlights

so the POPSUGAR Must Have October 2013 box was really exciting for me! I’m not super-familiar with the brand’s box system yet, but I know that it’s working out well for me so far. this month’s box came with more than what I’m going to talk about, but I felt that there was so much great stuff, a full post detailing all of the items would be way too long! so here are the highlights about my favorite items – some even appropriately breast cancer awareness themed.

I loved the color of the brush they sent – pink! all of my dressing table items are pink, if I can help it and when I saw it in my box, I knew it would fit in perfectly. but as I read over the brush’s packaging, I became a little skeptical of it’s claims. the “Wet Brush” is supposedly the best detangling brush ever. how could this be true of a paddle brush? it doesn’t look that much different than other paddle brushes I’ve had in the past. and I would definitely know a thing or two about hair that’s horrible to detangle. but even when I brushed through my hair while it was dry and just a little bit tangled, I knew that this was going to be a different experience. I tried it out after my next shower, using very little detangling product in my hair. this brush made short work without pulling out nearly half of what my standard brush pulls out! AMAZING! you can get one for only $14 here (for a limited time, 25% of the sales of this brush goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation).

this little pink and gold bracelet from Gorjana Charity is adorable! it’s a little bit bigger than I’d like it to be for how light it is on my wrist, but that’s not going to stop me from adding it to my bracelet stack when my outfit calls for pink! the best part about the purchase of this Bali Bead Bracelet is that 100% of the proceeds to go the Breast Cancer Connection charity. October is breast cancer awareness month after all, so spring $45 for one of these for yourself and help out!what can I say? who doesn’t love a black liquid liner? NYX is a decently-priced brand that delivers better-than-most results when compared with other drug-store brands. I’m excited to use this for date night!these Jane Tran casual bobby pins are heavy duty! they’re the kind of barrette that actually snaps open and shut, so I know my hair will be in place for a long time after I set it. these are colorful and a bit glittery, but still subtle enough for everyday (read: work) wear. I don’t get much of an opportunity to do different styles with my hair in the mornings because it takes so long to just clean and dry my long hair, but this should make short work of doing something different. Jane Tran offers so many different hair accessory options, it’s crazy – they’re all so cute! check it out here.


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