Liqwd – The Perfect Wave Review

Liqwd’s “The Perfect Wave” promises “Beach Hair Without the Crunch,” but do they deliver? I tried a sample of this product on two occasions (because my hair is so long, that’s all the sample lasted for). although it’s meant to produce a carefree tousled look, it did seemingly nothing to my hair. perhaps because my hair is so heavy, due to its sheer volume? but either way, it absolutely did not work.

for summer breeze textured hair, you are to rub a dime-sized dollop of this sticky, clear gel between your palms and then disperse evenly throughout freshly washed and combed hair. I proceeded to wash my hair and used minimal conditioner (which can sometimes weigh down the hair too much for other products). I put my hair up in a towel for about ten minutes to soak up the majority of the water. then I detangled my hair with a large bristled brush and NO detangling product (ouch! but I didn’t want my detangler to interact with the sample of Liqwd). after that, I then applied a large amount (more than dime-sized) to my hair, as directed. I scrunched in sections with my hands while my hair air-dried. this process took about two hours, which is not ideal for a work day. The results were next-to-none. my hair was more frizzy than normal since I was tousling it while it dried instead of blowing it out with a brush. but it had no shape and very little extra volume.

the second attempt included the same steps as above, but with a tiny amount of detangler (I lost too much hair last time!) and a smaller amount of product. and instead of air-drying my hair, I chose the second option listed in The Perfect Wave’s directions. this time I dried my hair with a diffuser, using my hands to scrunch the hair and no brush. this produced the exact same results. my hair did not look beachy. it wasn’t wavy or voluminous. it just looked frizzy and dull. 😦

this definitely did nothing for me. like I mentioned, this might be due to the length and weight of my hair, so I definitely don’t recommend it for those of you with medium-length to long hair. and I’m not sure whether it would be useful for shorter hair either :/ it’s a no-go in my book.


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