Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Review

in the 2013 Sephora Favorites box, I received the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner pen. I am not very familiar with the Stila brand; I’m pretty sure I’ve only tried a lip gloss from them in the past. so I was interested to try a product from a different category. plus, black eyeliner is a staple in any girl’s make-up collection and there are so many brands available out there.

the thing I liked best about the Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner marker is the softness of its nib. I have tried several other marker liners with tougher tips that can be a little painful to get thin lines from. and that slight sting as you drag the pen tip along the sensitive skin of the eyelid edge is the worst. it can totally cheapen an expensive product. not the case at all here! although it was easier to get too heavy-handed due to the ease of bending the marker nib. though I expect that this would improve with practice applying the liner.

the color I have is called “Intense Black.” it’s a inky and dark black liner that dried with a bit of a shine. because it applies easily, there’s no need to apply a standard liner pencil as a primer and no need to use eye shadow over the liner either. it looks great for a nighttime look, accompanied by black mascara (I don’t typically wear black liner for work).

my only issue with this liquid liner is the fact that it is a waterproof product. hardly ever do I choose waterproof make-up products because they are so difficult to remove at the end of the day or before the gym. I don’t have a problem with transfer in the summer’s heat or any other reason to choose a waterproof product over a standard one, so I always go for ease of removal.

all in all, I do like this eon and would consider purchasing it in the future. you can get one from Ulta for $20.


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