Origins – GinZing Review

I am in love with this eye cream!!

how some people are able to get up early every day and feel well-rested before they go to work is beyond me. I am so not one of those people. I get up early, shower, and then I catch a glimpse of my exhausted self in the mirror. my face looks as tired as I feel, especially my eyes. the skin under my eyes looks darker than it should and my upper eyelids are usually puffy. it’s really not the greatest look. and while some concealer can take care of most of the under-eye discoloration, it doesn’t do anything for that morning swelling.

this light peach cream is light on my skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all. I apply a small dab under each eye to begin. then I start to lightly pat/rub the product into the skin below one eye and before it’s all rubbed in, I spread the excess cream to the matching upper lid. then, I repeat the process for the other eye. it doesn’t take much product to be effective. which is great because a tiny 0.5 oz container costs about $30 through Sephora (get yours here!). I went through my first container in about 4 months or so, maybe closer to 5. so it definitely lasts awhile!

it only takes a few minutes for this lightly pearlescent cream to depuff my eyelids and help brighten my under eyes. after a few minutes (of hair brushing or looking through shoes to match my outfit), it’s dry enough to apply my standard face lotion to the other areas of my face without worry of overlapping with the eye cream. shortly thereafter, I apply my make-up and it lays just the same on my skin as if there was no lotion at all. it would take a miracle product to get me to switch from Origins GinZing!


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