Urban Decay – Sin/Mushroom & Blunt Reviews

Blunt (yellowy golden shimmer) – Sin/Mushroom (rose-brown shimmer & warm grey-brown shimmer)

I’ve always been a fan of Urban Decay eye shadows. my favorites are typically matte colors, but I do like the shimmery and metallic ones too (and the occasional glittery shadow). the two colors pictured above came from two separate places, but I can’t recall either, unfortunately. the nice thing is that both of these have the same shimmering quality, but are very different colors.

they apply with a velvety texture and are quite pigmented. meaning that they are soft on the skin and it doesn’t take much shadow to cover your lids adequately. I’ve never had any issues with transfer throughout the day with Urban Decay shadows (other than minor glitter transfer in their extremely glittery colors). these stayed on well throughout the work day and into the evening, so they’re a good deal for the price ($18 through Sephora).

Blunt is a great golden yellow shadow. I don’t use it as an all-over lid color, but I like it for a center highlight and for under the eyes. it’s also great dusted lightly on the shoulders with a bit of a tan. the shimmery quality isn’t very metallic, but can be built up to a nearly metallic-looking finish when applied wet. I have a light olive skin and this looks like a good match for my skin tone.

Mushroom is a warm brownish rose color. I love it as an all-over lid color for a day look or accompanied by a darker color (like Sin) for a nighttime look. it’s shimmery quality is more rose than brown, but without direct light, it takes on a more brown hue. it’s a perfect match for Sin, which is a darker grey-brown color. this shadow is not as dark on the skin as it looks in the container. when applied in a thin layer, it takes on a warm grey hue without direct light and looks almost like a dusty purple in the light. applied heavily, it creates a perfect smokey look.


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