Whole Foods Stop

gotta love Whole Foods! it’s seriously my favorite grocery store ever. but there aren’t any around the Grand Rapids, MI area. I believe that the closest store location is near Lansing, which is where I stopped yesterday on my way back from the family Christmas party in Redford, MI. I just took a quick tour through the store because the roads were starting to get horrible and I needed to be on my way. but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shop their while I was still on the East side of the state. I try to stop in at a Whole Foods every time I come out that way.
I got some cool-looking single beers for my dad for Christmas (to add to his stocking). I also picked up some bulk food snacks and dehydrated fruits. I love their organic selection – you can’t find that around this area. I also had to grab some meringues. they’re my favorite cookie/candy, and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else either. thank goodness they had three varieties!

everything’s covered in ice from the ice storm that occurred over the weekend while I was gone. it was just wrapping up on my drive home.


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