Night Out

Saturday night was my last night in the city this time, so I decided on a late-night out. I’d discovered earlier in the day that my flight from NYC to Washington DC was still scheduled, but that the connecting flight from DC back to Grand Rapids, MI had been delayed two days. United Airlines told me to stay in the airport in DC for two days. I don’t think so! so I bought a second set of tickets through Delta, directly from NYC to Grand Rapids. this cost a pretty penny (try $1,500 for two tickets in economy, yikes!!), so I needed a pretty stiff drink to settle the nerves. and I definitely found that in the Parlor of The Dead Rabbit!

drinkies galore

corner of the back bar in the Parlor

after having two drinks, I decided it would be a smart idea to get some food in my belly, so I hopped on a nearby subway line to Brooklyn and sat down for a pizza at Grimaldi’s, under the Brooklyn Bridge. it’s argued that they’re the best pizza in the US, but they’ve been voted the best pizza in NYC, hands-down. I’ve dined in before and it definitely drew me back in easily. now that they’ve moved buildings (since the last time I was there), they’ve got a lot more room for customers to dine-in. don’t worry, if you haven’t been in since they’ve moved, they’re only one building over now 🙂 I didn’t even have to wait outside this time. which was nice because it was freezing.

that’s MY pizza being made! extra sauce, half pepperoni with mushrooms and half jalapeno peppers. YUM!

after dinner, I walked down the block the rest of the way to the park (Brooklyn Heights Promenade), where you can see three things – the Statue of Liberty in the distance to the left, a big stretch of Manhattan (the lower end) in the middle, and the Brooklyn Bridge to the right. at night it’s a pretty amazing sight (pretty nice in the day too).

even though I’d planned to return to the apartment I was renting in Hell’s Kitchen after eating and gathering the leftovers (they make big pizzas!), my waiters convinced me to head up the block in the other direction (away from the water and further into DUMBO) to check out a “chill,” as they described it, bar called Superfine. it was the Bronx accent that got me haha. Superfine was chill indeed. not overly packed, but obviously good enough to have a constant stream of customers. looks like the interior is set up for serving food during the day. but it was 1am and they either don’t serve food at all or the kitchen was long closed by then. no matter, I only stayed for a drink and prepared to settle down for the night. then I grabbed a car from Uber and hit the hay.

Widow Jane bourbon, fresh lemonade, and generous sugar-rim: The Brooklyn Southsider


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