My Birthday!


yesterday, I celebrated my birthday by going to a Red Wings game in Detroit. I’ve loved hockey for a long time, but the games are expensive and now I live far enough away from the Joe Louis Arena, that it’s difficult to even get to a game. so this is only my second (possibly third) time seeing a game in-person. a few months back, I splurged on tickets after saving up, so my dad and I could sit behind the goal. since my dad also loves hockey (perhaps more than I do), I got him his ticket for Christmas.

we played the LA Kings and ended up winning. with less than 30 seconds to space in the third period, the Wings managed to score a miraculous goal that tied up the game and sent us into overtime. after no one scored, the shootout began and the Wings bested the Kings therein. there was more fighting than usual and we even saw Howard get involved, hitting an LA player several times with his special goalie blocking glove. kind of unusual for a goalie, especially Howard. so the game was definitely fun and entertaining! a nice way to celebrate my birthday :]


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