Winter Roads

gosh the weather has just been SO bad! I was supposed to go into work yesterday after my hair appointment in the morning. but I got plowed into my spot, where I was forced to park on the street. after I finally dug myself out, I got stuck in a bank of snow, off to the side of the road when an SUV was driving down the center of a two-lane, two-way road and forced me out of his way. luckily, someone stopped to help push me out, but it took awhile. we had to put down my front windows to have a place to push the car from and once we were finished, my driver-side window wouldn’t go back up! ughhhh of course it was also snowing. so no overtime pay for me, just a bill from an auto-repair place and most of the day wasted, freezing. to top it off, I also tore a small hole in the top of one of my uggs, presumably while pushing my car out of the snow. I AM SO READY FOR WINTER TO BE OVER!!!!!


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