Saturday’s Co-Worker

I had to go in for some overtime on Saturday. while it wasn’t exactly pleasant to be at work for the 6th day in a row, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. and, as it turns out, that will be the last Saturday for at least a while. overtime has been revoked from my department after three weeks (even though of those three opportunities, I attended once and the other girl in my department attended once). we must not have been very far behind. which is good to hear in the end because it means we won’t be looking at mandatory overtime in the near future at least.

Patty, who sits in the cubicle next to me, brought Sydney’s perch over by our cubes so we could spend time with her. there weren’t many people in for overtime or end of month statements, so Sydney would have been otherwise lonely. she chattered away most of the day as she kept us company while we worked. in an effort to improve Sydney’s dislike of me, Patty brought out some miniature Nutter Butter sandwich cookies for me to give to her. Sydney loves them, apparently. she took them from my hand, individually and took them apart. just like a little kid, she proceeded to take them apart and first eat the peanut butter filling.


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