Griffins Hockey

although it’s difficult to tell – the score is one to four

for whatever reason, two of the four Griffins games I’ve been to so far this season have been horrible. they’ve just done so bad that it’s difficult to watch. I’m talking the inability to complete simple passes and dropping the ball on stuff that appears pretty amateur. in both cases, the opposing team just wiped the floor with the Griffins – they didn’t stand a chance on either occasion. this second occasion was last Friday night when they were just pulverized by the Wolves.

it’s no fun to see your local team (and the farm-team for the Red Wings, which is really the only reason I like the Griffins at all) lose 50% of the time. but they haven’t been that bad when you look at the entire season. they have more wins than losses presently. and the majority of those losses were only by two or, in most cases, only one point. so, how is it that I’ve managed to see their two worst games of the season? what are the odds when I’ve gone to four random ones, which span the length of the season (literally, I just saw their most recent game and I saw the first game of the season as well, with the other two falling at some point in between). ughhh.


maybe I ought to stop going – perhaps I’m bad luck? maybe I ought to stick to those Red Wings games, where I am clearly good luck (they did tie it up in the last 30 seconds and go on to win in a shootout last time I went).


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