Naked Plates

today, Karen and I went to check out Naked Plates. it’s a ceramic painting studio where you can go and paint your own projects. you can’t make your own sculptures from clay though, everything is pre-made so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the items (if you’re a novice at that sort of thing like I am). there are tons of options to choose from to paint. they have a bunch of different cups, plates, serving dishes, and bowls p, as well as figurines. Karen and I each selected a bowl. they cost under $15 each.

after arriving and picking items to paint, we sat at one of the many tables and waited for our turn with the instructor. this didn’t take long. he showed us where to get paints and other supplies. they provide smocks, stencils, brushes, and paint for your use. our instructor explained how many coats of each kind of paint would be needed and then left us to our experiments. we got some paints and went back to our table to get working.

it took about an hour and a half from start to finish for us to paint our bowls. but we were also spending time catching up with one another because Karen and I haven’t seen each other in awhile. so that May have added on a little time. when we had finished, we took our bowls up to the counter and paid. in a week, they will be fired and ready for pick up.


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