Thought Catalog’s The & Most Terrifying Games of All Time

this list is brought to you from an article on Thought Catalog by Ray Garraty (read the full article here)

1. Lone Survivor
2. Resident Evil 4
3. Condemned: Criminal Origins
4. Dead Space
5. Outlast
6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
7. Silent Hill 2

seeing how I’ve only played (or watched in-depth) four of these games, I can’t say that I totally agree with the list. I played Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 – both were scary (Silent Hill being scarier than Resident Evil, but Resident Evil having better action), so I can justify their places on the list. I watched a full play through Dead Space and both Amnesia games (The Dark Descent was scarier than A Machine for Pigs). Dead Space was relatively scary, probably more so if I had been the player. Amnesia was definitely scarier – more disturbing – than Dead Space. Amnesia ranks with Silent Hill for levels of disturbing imagery.

I also think that some of the other Silent Hill games belong in this list. I’m not really refuting what Ray has said, I guess I have to try the other games. I just find it hard to believe that I’ve already seen more than half of the scariest video games there are. it’s more disappointing than anything, really. the horror and horror-survival genre has real potential if it’s not mucked up by poor storyline, graphics, or in-game mechanics. I’d love to see the genre progress in the near future, personally.


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