Charity Wine Tasting & Silent Auction

tonight, I met my friends Ginny & Kevin downtown at St. Cecelia Music Center for a charity event. one of the Martha’s Vineyard staff guys told me about the event last week and his use of the phrase “hundreds of bottles of wine to try” caught my attention. so we all got tickets and that’s how we spent our night tonight – trying tons of wines and even some other spirits. there were distribution vendors from all over the place, all which service Martha’s Vineyard (who backed the event). Martha’s even had a table of there own, where we spoke with some familiar faces. we tried a large assortment of wines – you just walked up to various tables, which held different wine bottles, grouped by service vendor. since you got a wine glass on your way in, you would just ask for a particular wine and the vendor would pour you a taste. most of them were quite knowledgeable, so we could ask questions about the products as well.

Kevin & Ginny at the Martha’s Vineyard table

most of the wine vendors were upstairs, along with the appetizers (catered by Martha’s, surprise – delicious, surprise). downstairs, there were representatives from Vandermill Cider and Short’s Brewing, as well as a few other distributors of local craft beers. all-in-all, there was quite a variety. we were pleasantly surprised for the cost of the tickets ($35).


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