Traverse City Trip – Hillside Homestead

the first weekend in April (which seems like forever ago now…), I met my parents and traveled up to Traverse City, MI for a little weekend of wine. at the recommendation of my friend, Ginny, we made reservations to stay at Hillside Homestead. it’s a quaint bed and breakfast, just outside of town. Susan runs the house in a historic manner – she cooks on a wood-burning stove, raises her own chickens, and makes everything from scratch that she can (omigosh, her pantry was impressive!). it was a wonderful experience! she was very knowledgeable about traditional, old-fashioned methods for running a home, especially when it came to the kitchen. she entertained us Saturday evening, answering all of our questions and let us participate some as well (I got to gather fresh eggs!).

maple syrup and chickens

morning light in one of the guest rooms

chickens laying

Mary gathering eggs with Susan

chickens and a rooster in the coop

look at all the fresh eggs!

Sunday morning, Susan prepared the five of us a WONDERFUL breakfast. I’m sure I’d have a heart attack soon if I ate that way every day, but it was certainly a treat. there was coffee, yogurt with canned peaches and tart cherries, “egg toast” (French toast), bacon, home-style hash browns (fried in lard that Susan rendered herself), and fried eggs. the meal featured some of the eggs we’d gathered together the previous day. to top the French toast, there was freshly-made maple syrup. Susan gather’s her own syrup and cooks it down on her stove. when we arrived on Saturday, she had been cooking it down, but it was still pretty liquidy at that time. however, after several hours, it reduced to a more traditional consistency for syrup. I’ve never tasted maple syrup so yummy than this stuff! so good!

here’s a lot that can make a tourist set their sights on Traverse City, but Hillside Homestead is truly a gem all on its own! I’d recommend it, regardless of what else the area has to offer. I’m sure it’s even more beautiful when it’s not surrounded by snow. the price is good and the over-all experience is not to be missed. check out the rooms available and more information about the historic location here. to make reservations, you must contact Susan Odom directly by either e-mail or phone (we had emailed her and she responded within the same day). reach her at or (231) 271-1131.


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