Lazy Night

I’m laying around getting a few tasks done. there’s several places left to get reservations for during my upcoming trip to New York at the end of the month. and I could really swap around some of the activities I’ve planned to make the week a little more balanced. so I’m looking up information and trying to get those kinds of things in order for my tentative schedule. and I’ve got some online shopping to get done (need new pajamas and it’s the Semi Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret right now – hurry 20% off clearance ends tomorrow!). so my iPad mini is perfect for that.

I’ve got my list of blog topics for the coming weeks (general things I’d like to cover for you guys when I’ve got nothing happening to already tell you about). and I’m working on my wishlist there too.

oh, and I’m currently listening to Cult at work right now, so I’ve put on a few episodes at home to see what all of the characters look like. the monocle is perfect for using with the full-sized iPad while watching things online like this. the monocle is the speaker device you can see in the photo (above). it’s the greatest little thing! you can check the full line out here for yourself. it’s a nice investment because it’s so convenient and provides quality sound.

and I’ve got The One and Only by Emily Griffin to get to… we’ll see if that happens. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been able to start this book yet. I may end up lending it out to a friend instead of trying to get through it first. we’ll see how it goes.

so, it’s a pretty lazy night, but I’m getting things done. how’s everyone’s night? as relaxing and productive, I hope!


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