Visiting Home

 photo 897FE5EB-6590-45F1-9F20-B07D0FDB5A67_zps2fx7hsue.jpg
this weekend, I am visiting my parents back home. I wasn’t able to come in for Father’s Day last weekend, so this is our rescheduled date. today, we are expecting some of my dad’s family to come by in celebration. my grandpa and grandma will be coming, so I am very excited about that especially – I haven’t seen then in quite a while.

 photo 48A2908E-A96D-4EDD-BF7C-F65A93E1499E_zpselbb21if.jpg
this morning, my dad and I ran up to the local farmers market in search of asparagus, but we ended up empty-handed unfortunately. we will have to stop at the grocery store instead. asparagus is apparently a hot commodity this time of the year (usually late-spring, I think). we will be having it alongside the steaks we picked up for brunch tomorrow.



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