Yankees Game & New York Botanical Garden

I had pretty good seats for the game. although I was up on the top balcony (third floor), I had the first and second seats of the very first row. these weren’t blocked by anything for the view and had plenty of leg room. the only issue was that it was so incredibly HOT out. I spent maybe 3/4 of the game going up into the shade, where there was a bit more of a breeze. even though I know the rules to baseball (I did play softball for most of my childhood and adolescence), I’m not terribly into it. however, this was a fun experience!

after the game, I headed a little further into the Bronx to see the New York Botanical Gardens (it’s always free on Wednesdays for admission to the main grounds – beats $20 per person!). didn’t get too far into the gardens before it began to rain, however. but it stayed warm, so the hour walk back to the subway wasn’t too bad. oh, and I learned that pitcher plants are native to the state of New York. weird.


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