brunch. it’s every New Yorker’s favorite meal. I has always pained me that some people are resistant to the idea of a brunch. never have I been very hungry upon waking, so I like to wait to eat until at least 9:30a, but typically eat more around 10a. so brunch, served between 10-2 is a brilliant idea for me. and it means you can incorporate more variety with the more “traditional” breakfast foods. so when it comes to brunch out, I’m pretty experienced, if I do say so myself (can you actually SEE me patting myself on the back here?). so trust in me when I say that Joseph Leonard is a gem. head over to the west village (it’s on waverly place) and give it a try some (late) morning!

because it’s such a small place, the menu is abbreviated and I’d recommend arriving before you’re starving, in case there’s a wait (the wait is worth it!) I got lucky and was seated immediately. there had to be less than a dozen tables, most of which seated two or four only. there was a bit of space around the main bar and a few more bar seats near the kitchen, which we could see into from my table. the music was a bit louder than you’d imagine for a restaurant, but it seemed appropriate for the atmosphere. because the quarters were constrained a bit, it was loud with chatter – people catching up over their brunches (and perhaps a little louder than normal, since alcohol is frequently served with brunch). I enjoyed the atmosphere and made plans for the day while eating.

so let’s get to what I ate! pictured (above) is the “Benedict”, which cost $18. and it was worth every penny… on the bottom (not able to see in the photo) was a hearty pain perdu. surrounding the bread was a generous portion of tender smoked salmon. nested inside were two perfectly poached eggs, topped with scallion cream. very wonderful! to drink, I ordered their cocktail called Orchard Street. it contained celery gin, dolin blanc, apple, lemon, and club soda. as interesting as this sounds, it was unremarkable – drinkable, but not worth the cash at all. all in all, a very good brunch!


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