Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is famous for their “frozen hot chocolate” dessert, but they have a full menu. I waited outside for nearly 40 minutes before being seated upstairs. my waiter told me that the table I was seated at was the table from the movie “Serendipity”, which I have never seen. so it wasn’t that exciting haha. but the dessert was wonderful. I didn’t have enough space in my stomach to eat everything, unfortunately. I would have ordered just one to share, but they are only about $10 a piece (easily could serve two), but the establishment charges a minimum of $8 per person to dine in (there was no option for carry out either). I’d say to stop in if there’s no line, but be prepared to pay out the nose if you’re not careful (I overheard a table of women with tons of small kids contesting the expenses listed on their bill).


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