my eyebrows are pretty much non-existent. they’re light and sparse. and that’s pretty noticeable, at least to me. to make matters worse, I typically dye my hair even darker than it is. and eyebrows are traditionally several shades darker than hair color. which is to say, it’s even MORE noticeable that my eyebrows suck.

naturally, I’ve spend a good deal of my time and money hunting for that perfect brow substitution. I’ve tried all kinds of powders, pencils, pens, stencils, gels, and more. nothing is that great. when my hair was a bit more chocolate-brown instead of brown-black, I used to use a pencil from Sephora in a color called Espresso. that was fine until I changed the color of my hair. they had nothing that would match my new color. and the pencil was never really that awesome. I had to use a stencil to get both of my brows to look like even remotely the same shape. and that took time. and even then, they just looked alright.

I’d settled onto a sort of marker/pen from Sephora, made for brows, that they no longer make. this matched my newer hair color and was simple enough to apply, like the pencil. however, it was a bit easy to put it on too thick and dark. and if I made a mistake, it was difficult to remove without smearing the color about my forehead or eye area. I wore this for months until I was walking around in New York. it had just finished raining and I was headed back to the hotel in Times Square (odd location, I know – I got put there through Hotels.com, which doesn’t tell you where you book until you book ,but that’s how you get the good prices). a drip from a building caught me in the face. it hit me right above my left eyebrow and dripped into my eye. this stung my eye and instantly I wondered what kinds of chemicals came off of the building into my eye. maybe some, but the stinging was more likely from the eyebrow makeup. I took out a small mirror from my purse and it revealed the worst thing – my eyebrow was running! HOW MORTIFYING! I knew I needed a new product ASAP.

after much internet research and deliberation, I settled upon trying Anastasia’s DIPBROW pomade. lots of beauty bloggers swear by it. and I’ve never tried a pomade before, so I thought it would be good to get into something new. I was right. this is like a very thick gel, which is relatively easy to apply with a short, angled brush (does not come with purchase). I picked up the pomade and a new brush at Ulta, but you can also get it from Sephora (here) and a similar brush (here). I purchased a cheap brush because I wasn’t sure if I would be sticking with the product or not.

when I apply this, it can go on thick and dark, if I load up the brush, or thinner and lighter, if I only put a little pomade on the brush. to control this amount, I dip the brush into the pot and wipe off any excess into the inside of the lid. then I apply it directly to my brows, first creating the shape (lower line, upper line, following through downward from the arch, then creating a flat edges) and then I fill in with quick short, strokes. this takes me about five minutes per brow, if I am really trying for perfection. and I can put both on quickly within about five minutes, if I am in a hurry.

as long as I don’t rub it hard, it stays pretty well all day long. it does wear through hot yoga (between 95 – 100 degrees F) for about an hour, during which I sweat immensely – as long as I don’t rub them. the pomade part keeps my actual eyebrow hairs in place, forcing them to make the shape I put them in, which makes my eyebrows look more natural. the tint seems to be dark enough (I am using “Dark Brown”, which is not at all red-toned, and is their 2nd darkest color currently), but also blendable enough. I am really happy with this product and probably won’t many other products any time soon. you can check it out for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you too just by asking for a demo at either Sephora or Ulta. I’m really glad I went for something new because I’m always so self-conscious about my eyebrows – finally something turned out well :]


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