The End of Summer & Beginning of Fall

that’s it then. I’ve got two open weekends before every waking moment of my free time is gone. well, at least until Fall is well under way and Winter is approaching (in Michigan, that’s not a big span of time – Winter is most of our year. Think of us as more like Game of Thrones and less like a place anyone would want to actually live.) there’s just so much going on with me this time of year for some reason. I’ve got two weddings that I’m participating in – one of which is actually occurring this Fall, and the other which has just had a few related events occur. I’ve got various friends scheduled for visits out to see me. I’ve got another (yes, another) trip to New York planned. I’ve got a bachelorette party to attend up North, which will involve quite a bit of driving. and I’ve got a bunch of packing, cleaning, and moving to do. we plan to move out of our apartment when the lease is up in November. so that means getting things in order and getting stuff done around here. in, you know, our “free time”. whatever that is. so, expect things to be busy around here for the next two months!


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