I laughed pretty hard when I stumbled upon this article on The Score yesterday. so I thought I would share it with all of you! this article is by Thomas Drance and has been copied from it’s source (here).


“Detroit Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk can do things with the puck on his stick that amaze even his fellow NHL players. Free agent forward Paul Bissonnette, most recently of the Phoenix Coyotes, is far less likely to ‘wow’ his NHLPA brethren.

But at least Bissonnette is really good at Twitter. He’s the best in the league at that, except for maybe Roberto Luongo. Not even Datsyuk’s perennially Selke-nominated hands can take that away from him, right?


On Wednesday night, Datsyuk trolled Bissonnette, and trolled him hard. The exchange started when Bissonnette posted a photo of his new sauce hockey tee, which features an original Nintendo-style retro controller that has just two buttons – one that allows you to dump the puck, and one that allows you to change.”

on twitter, Bissonnette wrote, “New @SauceHockey shirt”

“That’s life as an NHL fourth-liner, basically.

Life as Datsyuk is a little bit different though. Datsyuk responded to Bissonnette’s tweet by plugging his own, comically overdeveloped PlayStation style controller:”

on twitter, Datsyuk wrote, “@BizNasty2point0 nice controller shirt but here is mine! You should buy one on my website datsyuk13.com/en/store  pic.twitter.com/10FrmvKz0m

“Oh snap!

As complicated as Datsyuk’s magic man controller is though, one button it lacks is the one that allows users to type in emojis. Bissonnette’s dump and chase controller doesn’t have an emoji button either, but at least his smartphone does:”

on twitter, Bissonnette responded as follows: ”



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