Up North

yesterday after work, I drove about three hours North (and a little East) to Roscommon, MI, where my grandparents live. they’ve lived there for the better part of my life, so I have a lot of childhood memories visiting them here. however, as my grandparents are getting older, it is becoming more difficult for them to take care of their home, so my dad and his family have to come up to help out more and more often. and as my grandparents need to see various doctors, they need to keep visiting downstate to do so. they’ve come to the conclusion that it is time for them to move closer to most of the family, to move downstate. their house is already up for sale, so we made sure to make time to visit them Up North while they are still living up there and we have the opportunity to relive some of these memories.

on Saturday, I went with my dad to pick up the boat we rented for the day. my grandpa used to take us out on his boat all the time. we’d go swimming and tubing and ride around all day. my grandma would always pack us sandwiches. although we couldn’t really swim (Higgins lake is currently infected with swimmers itch, so we didn’t want to take a chance of getting it), we did get fishing licenses and tried our luck at fishing. I don’t have any memories of fishing with my grandpa, but it was a good time, nonetheless. and the big sandwiches helped to make us feel better, just like we used to make them.

after my dad, mom, and I fished for a bit – and caught absolutely nothing – we picked up my grandparents to tour around the lake for a time. the weather was perfect – sunny and warm. it was only a little chilly when we were really cruising with the wind and if the sun hid behind one of the clouds for a bit. my grandma and grandpa seemed to really enjoy themselves. you can tell that they miss their boat and going out on the lake.

after a big dinner, we somehow found space for ice cream. my grandpa took us out to the cottage ice cream parlor, like he always used to. and he bought us all scoops of ice cream. I got milky way and spumoni. it was such a nice day and I was so exhausted and overwhelmed that I fell asleep around 10:30, powerless to stay awake any longer. who could ask for more?


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