The Conrad NYC

the Conrad in NYC is a beautiful example of what a five star hotel should be. at least if you’re trying to appeal to someone like me! it’s full of contemporary art – most of which has an abstract expressionism undertone, which is one of my favorites. in the photo above, you can see a small portion of the sculptures which hang from the ceiling of the top floor, all the way to about the third floor. this leave the lobby with a high-ceiling feel, but you’re drawn to looking up at the artwork anyway. what helps is the blue graphic behind the sculpture. in the image above, it appears very blue and purple because of the purple lighting. this color would change throughout the day and night. we saw purple, red, and orange during our recent stay.

it was very unique – I can’t say that I have ever stayed at a place like this before. my stay at the James (in Chicago – a 4-star location) tried to be what the Conrad NYC is, but didn’t even come close to being as successful. and of course, after experiencing the Conrad, the James just seemed “trendy”.

naturally, the amenities of the Conrad were above and beyond what you could foresee needing during a stay away from home. my favorite was the in-room Nespresso machine, which was a great pick-me-up in the morning before heading out for the day. the view I had from the ultra-comfortable king-sized bed wasn’t too bad either (see photo below).

if you’re looking for lodging in lower Manhattan, this 5-star location should be in the top of your list!


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