I’m currently stuck in the 2017 Photobucket Blackmail event like many bloggers who are not rich. I have been storing photos there for more than 10 years, which is older than this blog is. with the sudden and quiet blackmail photobucket decided to lynch themselves with, I’ve lost ALL of my image links across the web. 

including on my professional website that I use for my design portfolio. that is what hits me hardest. this blog is purely for hobby. but my portfolio leads to my livelihood. and since i am an artist and not a doctor, i cannot afford their steep $400/month rates to keep my pictures as a part of the always previously free sham website photobucket.

it will take LOADS AND LOADS of time to download all of my photos and save them to my computer. then they will need to be re-uploaded to another 3rd party site. something similar to what photobucket once was, but free. or at least a heck of a lot cheaper than $400/month. which is a completely insane amount for that kind of service, by the way. especially for bloggers, who seldom make money from their blogs (yes, some bloggers do, but the majority of us do not). then, i will need to re-link EVERY SINGLE IMAGE i’ve ever posted. yeah, it’s going to be awhile.

for this, i apologize. i don’t know what else to do. the internet is calling this blackmail and i completely agree. i haven’t tried to access my images yet because i’m not on my computer and don’t have it with me. some users are reporting that photobucket won’t even allow them access to the images without paying the fee. that truly is ransom/blackmail. i can’t confirm this, as i said, but their website assures me that i can gain access and remove my images. so i hope that’s the case.

why are my photos on photobucket? in order to store images, you need to save them somewhere. putting them on a 3rd party website allows me to link them into blog posts. this is necessary for my own photography and images. but it is also especially important when using photos from other sites. it isn’t acceptable to hotlink to photos hosted elsewhere (like a google image search). photobucket has been the standard for bloggers, amazon / ebay sellers, and other web users for years. this change was sudden, unexpected, uncalled for, and unacceptable. it’s blackmail.

in the future, please expect a blog post detailing this process and how you can do your part to take your business away from photobucket and help put them out of business.


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